How to Install a Reverse Float Liquid Level Gauge on a Polyethylene Tank

In this video, we will review the steps required to install a reverse float liquid level gauge on a polyethylene storage tank.

Step 1: Lay Out the Parts

Parts for the reverse float liquid level gauge include:

  • Internal perforated sewer pipe

  • Float with rope attached going to top of sewer pipe

  • External clear pipe

  • Internal pipe support

  • Indicator

  • Rope clamp

  • External horizontal pipe*

Since none of the parts are glued together, the only tool needed is a Phillips head screw driver.

*This pipe can be modified in length to fit your specific needs.  A reciprocating saw can be used to cut the pipe.

Step 2: Connect Internal Pipe Support

The internal pipe support is used in SAFE-Tanks or when a bolt through the tank sideway is not desired to support the piping.

A reducer is already installed in the center of the support to fit the pipe size ordered.

The bolts on the bottom of the support can be adjusted with a 3/4’’ box wrench to achieve a level surface on the bottom of the tank.

The pipe itself doesn’t need to be glued. Simply set it in and press down.

Step 3: Install Internal Pipe and External Horizontal Pipe Assembly

If it’s safe and feasible to enter the tank, one person can go in and install the pipe on the back side of the tank. If not, two people can use the rope and rig the pipe over to the horizontal pipe assembly.

Next, feed the rope through the horizontal pipe assembly and connect the component parts:

  • Top nipple

  • Elbow with pulley

  • Horizontal pipe

  • Roller pulley elbow

Now you’re ready to put the rope clamp on the rope.

Step 4: Assemble External Indicator and Rope Clamp

  • Pull the indicator through the rope.

  • Measure off one to one and a half inches below the bottom of the roller elbow.

  • Assemble and connect rope clamp to visual indicator.

  • Install external clear pipe. Make sure the rope is running smoothly before connecting. Give the rope a couple good tugs first.

  • Slip the clear external pipe inside the elbow.

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