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Video: Polyethylene Tanks Under Pressure

Safe chemical storage is our number one priority.  A safe storage solution is able to stand up to impact, UV attack, chemical attack and should be able to withstand catastrophic failure.  Poly Processing Company in conjunction with the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA conducted a pressure test to compare the strength of our cross-linked polyethylene tanks to an ordinary linear polyethylene tank. The goal was to determine if our cross-linked polyethylene tank would fail catastrophically under pressure or not.

In the test, we pressurized both tanks using a 5.5 horsepower water pump and a fire hose to fill the tanks with water to the point of failure.  The linear polyethylene tank catastrophically failed at 9 psi of water pressure.  The cross-linked tank fails at 10 psi but not catastrophically.  The tank developed a 6-8" crack at the top of the tank but did not completely break apart due to the cross-linked polymer chains around the crack site.  This test is a testament to the robustness of cross-linked polyethylene and its ability to withstand even the harshest environments.

The test is also a good indicator of what might happen as a tank's integrity is compromised over time by chemical attack or UV degradation.  It's important to regularly inspect your tank(s) to help determine the tanks longevity.

Watch the video below to see the pressure test for yourself. 

Or, download the complete report from the pressure test by clicking the button below.

Download the Drop and Pressure Tests Report

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