Defining Industry Standards With Custom Tank Fittings and Accessories

Rather than settle for the industry standard, Poly Processing strives to define it by developing
fittings and accessories that clearly address consumer needs. By analyzing industry requirements and working directly with our customers we are able to gather the information and knowledge needed to develop specialized products that address issues in the field.

Three fitting and accessory innovations unique to Poly Processing are:

  • The B.O.S.S. Fitting® - With its streamiline one piece design, The B.O.S.S. Fitting ® reduces the seal point to a single gasket to greatly reduce chances for leakage. 
  • IMFO® System - A seamless, one-piece construction with external fitting access, the IMFO® system eliminates the need for confined space entry, prevents sludge buildup, and provides complete drainage. It is also designed to allow full drainage without the use of metallic inserts.
  • F.S. 2650® - Maximum Flow For Pneumatic-Filled Tanks. Poly’s F.S.2650® combined manway and vent allows for unsurpassed tank venting. It is capable of relieving a volume flow rate of up to 2650 ACFM.

All of Poly Processing’s fittings and accessories are specifically engineered and tested for optimal performance based on the chemical stored, operating environment, geographic location, existing piping, and venting requirements. During the tank design process, a number of different options can be considered allowing for maximum flexibility and location of fittings on the tank. The end result is a tank that is safe to operate, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Please contact a Poly Processing chemical storage tank specialist to discuss fittings and accessories options that will meet your needs.

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