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Protect Your Facility and Your Bottom Line with a Chemical Leak Detection System

Leakage from a chemical storage tank or a leaking tank fitting can have far-reaching consequences, from compromising product quality to posing significant safety hazards. That’s why it’s important to integrate robust liquid leak detection systems wherever you store liquid chemicals and hazardous solutions.

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PPC Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual: Ensure Tank Longevity

Poly Processing works diligently to produce each and every chemical storage tank to spec. But if a tank isn’t installed correctly it could lead to damage, leaks, safety issues for personnel, and a shorter tank life. Everyone should take chemical tank installation seriously.

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How To Use The Chemical Resistance Guide

When storing a chemical, it is critical to be confident that your entire tank system is compatible with the chemical and is up to the task of providing safe storage. To help customers understand the compatibility of specific chemicals with our polyethylene tanks and accessories, we created our chemical resistance guide.

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Better and Safer Alternatives to Downpipes

When customers inquire about installing downpipes in Poly Processing chemical storage tanks, we strongly recommend against it for several important reasons.

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Crosslinked Polyethylene Vs. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks

Purchasing a high-performance chemical storage tank is a significant investment for your company, and choosing the right tank for your needs isn’t always an easy decision. If you’re deciding between a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tank and crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) tank, be sure you understand the differences between them and know what to expect in terms of cost, maintenance, service, delivery times, and protection. FRP tanks are coated with an interior chemical resin. Their structural layer is composed of chopped glass fiber or filament-wound fibers and resin. XLPE is a thermoset resin specifically engineered for critical applications like chemical storage. Let’s explore seven important benefits of XLPE over FRP chemical tank systems. Evaluate these benefits thoughtfully as you select your next chemical storage tank system.

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Poly Chemical Storage Tanks - Proper Tank Fittings Installation

The proper installation of the various chemical storage tank fittings is important to ensure safe tank installation and operation. Here is a short outline of installation best practices for the various fittings of Poly Processing chemical storage tanks. More detailed instructions can be found in Poly Processing’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual.

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The Advantages of Crosslinked Polyethylene Tanks

Chemical storage tanks for water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial uses are available in three main materials of construction: polyethylene, steel and fiberglass. When selecting a chemical storage solution, several factors should always be important considerations — including ease of handling, installation, maintenance, resistance to leakage and lifetime cost. This article will explore the advantages of cross-linked polyethylene tanks.

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Crosslinked Polyethylene Storage Tanks: Chemical Incompatibilities

Crosslinked polyethylene, with its superior strength, lightweight durability, and cost advantages is the superior storage tank material choice for storing many chemicals. At Poly Processing, our goal is to make sure your chemical storage system is as robust and safe as possible.

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Storing Liquid Ammonium Sulfate

Liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS) started as a liquid fertilizer that was applied to hard ground. Today, LAS has become widely accepted as a stable and effective source of ammonia for chloramination in water treatment. Alternatives such as anhydrous or aqueous ammonia are hazardous, sometimes requiring pressurized storage tanks and special handling and safety procedures.

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The Inner Workings of Chemical Storage Tank Venting Systems

Proper venting of a chemical storage tank system helps ensure safe operation and can also extend the useful life of the tank. Poly Processing Company sees venting as one of the most critical parts of a safe chemical storage system. We also attach venting labels to tanks manufactured at any of our three facilities.

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