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Join Us at WEFTEC 2022 Conference & Exhibition

Poly Processing Company invites you to visit us at booth #2015 at WEFTEC 2022, October 10-12 in New Orleans, LA.

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The Largest Crosslinked True Full Discharge Tank Available: 15,500 IMFO

For over 50 years, Poly Processing has been the industry leader in chemical storage tank innovation and manufacturing. Poly Processing has a lineup of six 13'- 9" diameter tanks. These tanks include the Vertical Tank, the IMFO® (Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet) Tank and the Sloped-bottom IMFO Tank. These tanks represent the best engineering and design in the tank manufacturing industry, and they are covered under PPC’s industry-leading warranty.

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5 Mistakes Field Service Teams Notice During Chemical Tank Inspections

At Poly Processing, we do everything we can to make sure your chemical storage tank installation is as simple as possible. By working together, we aim to help you minimize the threat of potential problems.

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Trends in the Potable Water Industry

In 2014, the
water storage systems market in North America was valued at $2.45 billion, and it’s projected to top $4 Billion by 2020. As freshwater resources are becoming more scarce in growing population centers, and concerns over water conservation are increasing, potable water storage is becoming a big deal. Municipalities, commercial industries, and even residential markets need to make the most of their potable water storage systems. 

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New Chemical Storage Tank Systems and Accessories, Product and Resource Guide

Poly Processing is proud to offer the newest Chemical Storage Tank Systems and Accessories, Product and Resource Guide. It is available at Polyprocessing.com and can be downloaded at the end of this blog.   

At Poly Processing Company, we make it a priority to ensure that you have all of the information needed to build a safe, reliable chemical storage system. That's why our complete Chemical Storage Tank Systems and Accessories, Product and Resource Guide is more than just a list of everything we offer. We've developed a resource guide that is educational and a valuable resource for building a Poly Processing tank system that's right for your specific application.

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Napa Valley Earthquake: Lessons in Wine Storage Best Practices

Whenever an earthquake happens, the clean up leaves clues about safe storage of liquid materials. In 2014, a Napa Valley earthquake left winery operations with thousands of broken wine bottles and damaged and crushed storage tanks to clean up. 

Let’s take a look at what happened, best practices for wine storage, and how you can protect your wine stock from potential damage. 

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Chemical Storage Lessons From the Roanoke Chemical Spill

Recently, a chemical storage spill occurred at a Roanoke metals processing plant. A forklift punctured a storage tank containing hydrochloric acid. This pungent liquid is a strong, highly corrosive acid that creates toxic and potentially fatal fumes. Because of the high-risk chemical involved, the plant was quickly evacuated. Thankfully, the spill was less than 100 gallons and could be contained with minimal impact on the plant production schedule, and most importantly, no one was injured.

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Lessons from the West Virginia Chemical Spill: Safe Chemical Storage Is No Accident

On January 9,2014, a chemical spill fouled the water supply for thousands of West Virginians.  "Crude MCHM," 4-methylcyclohexane methanol used in washing coal and removing impurities, leaked from the Freedom Industries facility into the Elk River near Charleston, WV. In addition to the leak at the Freedom Industries’ chemical storage facility, Freedom Industries has since been cited for unsafe storage conditions at a second chemical storage site. Freedom Industries has subsequently filed for bankruptcy.

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