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The Simplest, Safest Way to Measure Chemical Tank Levels

Reliably knowing the level of the liquid in your chemical storage tank is critical to maintaining your operations without interruption. Not only is the level an indicator for ordering more chemicals, but certain chemicals have to be stored at a specific level to maintain their properties or operational requirements. A level gauge monitors the liquid level of the chemical you’re storing in your polyethylene chemical tank. There are several types of level gauges, including clear tube level gauges and ultrasonic level gauges. While Poly Processing can provide a variety of level indicators, we almost always recommend our reverse float gauge.

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Scrubbing a PPC Tank: An Introduction to Fume Scrubbers

Chemicals stored in polyethylene tanks always require venting. Depending on the chemical you’re storing, the harmful fumes emitted from the storage tank can’t be directly released into the atmosphere. To reduce the harmful fumes before they evacuate the system and to control air pollution, fume scrubbers need to be installed.

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Using a Universal Ball Dome Fitting on Your Chemical Storage Tank

Universal ball dome fittings, or UBD fittings, are a type of tank fitting that has a moveable ball inside to allow angular adjustments. UBD fittings can only be installed on the dome of the chemical storage tank, because they aren’t considered leak-tight. The dome fitting has a compression nut that locks down the ball after you install the flange or bulkhead, allowing connections at angles up to 24 degrees. The self-aligning UBD fittings can be installed on the dome of a Poly Processing storage tank to give you more options for fitting placement. UBD fittings are an excellent choice for our double-wall SAFE-Tanks®, vertical tanks, or IMFO® Tanks. Let’s take a look at the uses for these types of fittings and their advantages.

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PolyBase: A High Performance Tank Pad System for IMFO® Tanks

Poly Processing’s stronger-than-ever chemical tank pad, PolyBase, is engineered to handle more pressure and larger tanks. We have two types of PolyBase available: rotationally molded PolyBase systems for our IMFO® Tanks, and an innovative structural Polyurethane foam-based IMFO PolyBase option.

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5 Key Differences Between Compounded and Pigmented Tank Colors

Poly Processing customers choose to color their polyethylene chemical storage tanks for a number of reasons. Tanks may be colored for aesthetics, branding, chemical identification, or to reduce transmission of radiant heat through the plastic.

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Carbon Black: The Best Polyethylene Storage Tank Color Choice?

A wide variety of colors are available for polyethylene storage tanks. Cosmetics to match the surrounding buildings and landscape, customer preferences, and the application or the chemicals being stored are factors determining tank color selection. However, one color which is almost always selected for higher end storage solutions, such as storing harsh, aggressive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, is black.

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Determining Proper Fitting Positions on Polyethylene Tanks

Poly Processing's tanks are manufactured in the United States and are able to accommodate a wide variety of fittings and locations of fittings. This flexibility allows for proper inputs and venting, ensuring a safe and effective solution for a given chemical and longer tank life as well. A common point of confusion that we hear from customers is: Which fittings can I use on my tank, and where can they be installed? We've tried to simplify the answer to that question by considering each area of the tank and the corresponding compatible fittings.

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How to Insulate a Polyethylene Tank to Regulate Chemical Temperature

Maintaining the proper temperature of a chemical inside a high density crosslinked polyethylene tank can be critical for safe and effective storage. For example, sodium hydroxide and caustic soda need to maintain temperature to prevent crystallization at lower temperatures.

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Poly Processing Innovation Series: Enhanced Bellows Transition Fitting for Double Wall Tanks

You’ve heard the adage, “if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Poly Processing believes this to be true 110% of the time when it comes to containment. Every single piece of a tank system needs to be completely secure to protect your workspace, your employees, the environment, and the chemical being stored. When you install a tank-within-tank or double wall storage tank system like the SAFE-Tank with a sidewall fitting, it may be important to also install a bellows transition fitting. The bellows fitting lets you safely connect the primary tank with the secondary containment tank.

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Identifying Gaskets and Bolts for Chemical Storage Applications

With over 50 years of experience in creating tanks, fittings, accessories and other materials that ensure your chemical storage solution is safe and tailored to the chemical you are storing, we understand the importance of using the right products for your chemical. We’ve learned how the most popularly stored chemicals, like Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid, react to improper storage systems. One part of those tank systems that is crucial is a tank’s gaskets. The tank’s gaskets act as a mechanical seal with a particular fitting to prevent leaks or spills. It is very important to make sure the gaskets and bolts used on your storage tanks are in compliance with what is needed to protect your tank fittings from corrosion caused by reactive chemicals.

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