A Look at Polyethylene Tank Mixing Systems

The ability to mix chemicals is crucial in certain industrial processes and wastewater treatment applications. The primary goal for a polyethylene chemical storage mixing system is that it is properly designed to mix chemicals safely and cost effectively.

Let’s explore the components and considerations of a safe, cost-effective chemical mixing system for polyethylene plastic tanks.

Mixing Systems Require Custom Tank Solutions

Properly designed mixer systems should be simple to own and operate. When building a tank mixing system, it's important to realize that there is no “one size fits all” type of solution.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when designing a tank mixing system for a poly tank.

  • Understand the properties and special handling requirements of the chemicals being mixed. What chemicals need to be mixed?What are the key components of the mixture? Certain chemicals may require specialized care and consideration when designing mixing systems. For example, when blending polymers, special care must be exercised.
  • Understand the tank.  Is the mixer being mounted on a cylindrical tank with a center mount requiring a baffle? Will the mixer be set at an angle? What are the X and Y intersects of the angle of the mixer? The physical elements of the mixer itself and the shape and size of the tank will determine where the load bearing brackets must be placed.
  • Understand the mixer.  The downward load, bending load, and torque load exerted upon the mixer and the angles must be determined to make sure the proper bracketing is designed into the tank mixing system.

Careful consideration and understanding of these elements when building a chemical mixer system will result in a safe, cost effective chemical storage solution. However, when a mixer is not properly mounted and bracketed, improper mixing resulting in additional costs of wasted materials, and potential damage to the mixer can occur.

Please contact a Poly processing chemical storage tank specialist if you have any additional questions or to design the right mixing system for your needs.

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