Does Your Tank Supplier Have a Nationwide Field Service Team?

Before you purchase a chemical storage tank, it’s important to know what kind of service you can expect from the manufacturer — immediately and for years to come. You might have installation and startup needs, but you may also have questions about retrofitting a tank or installing new tanks. 

Does Your Tank Supplier Have a Nationwide Field Service Team?
Many tank manufacturers don’t have a field service team or service department. They may hire a local fix-it professional who isn’t familiar with their storage systems, or you may have to find a service technician yourself. Poly Processing has our own nationwide field service team that can service your PPC chemical storage tank at your facility.

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Let’s take a look at the types of on-site service our dedicated technicians are doing on a daily basis.

PPC Tank Installations and Startups

Proper installation is the first key to a successful and long-lasting operation. The first thing our field service team does is examine the tank site. The installation site is inspected to ensure the tank is properly installed according to industry standards. Sidewall fittings, venting, and proper bracketing are inspected to make sure the risk of tank failure is minimized, and the tank’s useful life is optimized. 

Every tank installation is unique. Chemical storage systems and installations can vary greatly based on considerations such as: 

  • The chemicals being stored
  • The location of the tank and surrounding environmental factors such as exposure to wind, sun, or location in an earthquake area
  • How the tank is filled

Whatever the factors at your facility, our field service team will ensure that your installation is optimized for maximum longevity.

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Service of Existing PPC Tanks

Our technicians can respond to tank issues that may arise, whether or not they are covered by warranty. We regularly respond to customer requests about tank maintenance, repairs, and fitting placement.

They can address specific warranty questions as well: is the tank leaking or compromised? Does the tank need to be replaced

Being proactive about these questions will help you extend the life of your tank and your investment and help in keeping your personnel safe.

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Inspecting and Evaluating Older PPC Tanks

As your chemical tank gets older, the Poly Processing field service team can help reduce expenses by possibly extending the useful . For example:

  • Installing new fittings and gaskets 
  • Testing of tank samples can provide a good indicator of the tanks integrity
  • Ensuring the tank is compatible with new chemicals being stored 
  • Evaluating retrofits as your storage needs evolve

Inspecting and evaluating the tank and the site can save you money on contractor costs when you make changes.

Professional Help with Your Scheduled PPC Tank Inspections

We recommend having a professional perform an in-depth tank inspection. Here’s an overview of a few of the inspection and testing procedures our field service technicians perform on your chemical storage tanks:

  • Comprehensive visual inspection. A close inspection of the chemical tank’s exterior for cracks or crazing caused by UV degradation and other stressors.
  • Testing the tank material itself. One of the best ways to test the actual polyethylene of the storage tank is to take a sample for impact and gel testing. This can be provide a good indicator of the tanks integrity.
  • Inspecting fittings, gaskets, venting and more. Even if the structure of the tank itself seems secure, it’s important to inspect the fittings and attachments for signs of wear. Often, a field service representative can replace a fitting or gasket onsite. The technician can also inspect Poly Processing supplied restraints, ladders, and other PPC supplied system accessories.

Have questions about a PPC tank you’re considering installing, warranty issues about an existing Poly Processing tank, or concerns about use or retrofitting an older PPC tank? Reach out to our field service team and get your questions answered.

Contact the Poly Processing field service team for expert onsite tank inspection, evaluation, and service of PPC tank systems.

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