How Polyethylene Storage Tanks Can Be Used During the Beer Brewing Process

The traditional choice for storing the materials in making beer is stainless steel. Process engineers and major breweries are beginning to realize the array of benefits polyethylene tanks offer.

Let's explore the liquid and chemical storage needs of breweries and why polyethylene is an excellent alternative for stainless steel tanks.

Liquid and Chemical Storage in Brewing

Pure, clean water is essential in brewing a high-quality beer. Both the boiling and cooling water used in the brewing process must be free from any additives. Large-scale breweries will conduct on-site wastewater treatment. Storage of chemicals used in wastewater treatment is a Poly Processing specialty.

Poly Processing tanks are NSF certified and FDA compliant.

The IMFO® System provides full bottom tank drainage and allows cleaning without entering the tank. As a result, tank cleaning is safe, fast, and easy without the risk of confined space entry.

The IMFO® system also passes the purity standards required during the actual brewing process. Flavor is critical and it demands uniform taste and consistency in every batch of beer brewed. Reverse osmosis treated water filters out all necessary impurities in the water used in the brewing process. Cold liquor storage (the water used to stop the fermentation process) demands pure, clean water.

Poly Processing’s exclusive OR-1000™ system offers an engineered tank system. This system aids in minimizing bacteria growth within the tanks. As a result, these engineered polyethylene tanks provide the same quality as stainless steel storage tanks for a tenth of the cost. 

Finally, residual yeast can be stored for either reuse or disposal with polyethylene tanks. Again, the IMFO® system offers safe, easy cleaning of the residual yeast tanks.

Poly Processing provides tanks ranging in size from 500 gallons to 10,000 gallons. These tank sizes fill the needs of the small specialty microbrewer to the large multi-location major label brewery operation. Whether you are storing water, storing additives like yeast, need a clean in place tank, or are needing Ph adjustment storage before discharge into the sewer system, Poly Processing tanks can handle the job.

For additional information on how polyethylene storage tanks can be utilized while brewing beer, contact a chemical storage tank expert at Poly Processing.

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