Important Changes: Our XLPE Now Meets NSF Certification

Our goal is to continually update you of any and all internal changes that may affect your poly storage tank system. With that goal in mind, we have a few clarifications and updates on how we now meet NSF certification with polyethylene tank materials. 

Why NSF Certification Matters?

In a previous post, we explained the importance of NSF certification of storage tanks used in water treatment. While this post explains the importance of NSF certification and why it matters for storing potable water, and storing chemicals used in water treatment, we heard confusion and misunderstandings from customers about what chemicals and tank materials are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified.

Previously, Poly Processing held two NSF certifications, one using the OR-1000™ resin, and one using linear polyethylene for potable water.  To meet NSF certification for all listed chemicals, previously OR-1000™ was required.

Updates To Our Practices

Now only sodium hypochlorite and sulfuric acid require OR-1000™ to meet NSF certification. We’ve tested our robust high-density cross-linked polyethylene and it’s now NSF certified for all listed chemicals. Although still available as an option, OR-1000™ is no longer required to meet NSF certification on the listed chemicals. 

Having NSF certification of high-density cross-linked polyethylene now allows us to be more competitive in the marketplace since adding OR-1000™ is no longer required.

For owners of an HCL tank with OR-1000™, it is important to know that the full original tank warranty still applies. It is important to consult with any individual who will be making repairs on any portion of your tank to ensure that they are aware of what components make up your tank system.

Are you considering a purchase of a new polyethylene storage tank? If you’re looking for a robust, high-density cross-linked polyethylene tank that meets NSF certification for the chemicals listed with the best warranties in the industry, Poly Processing now offers you a more competitive option. For Sodium Hypochlorite and Sulfuric Acid we still have the best storage system using high-density cross-linked polyethylene with the OR-1000 system. Finally, if you are looking for a potable water tank, Poly Processing Company can meet your needs with an economical linear polyethylene tank.

For more information or questions about high-density cross-linked polyethylene NSF certification, please contact a chemical storage tank specialist.

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