Paint Storage: The Polyethylene Storage Tank Solution

Poly Processing Company has established a close working relationship with a large, international name brand paint manufacturer. In doing so, Poly has developed customized solutions for large bulk storage tanks containing paint ingredients as well as finished paint products.

In this article, we’ll examine this partnership with leading paint manufacturers.
Paint Storage Tank Solution

Oil-based paints are, in most cases, flammable. These paints are generally stored in properly grounded steel tanks or vessels. However, the majority of the paints manufactured and used today are water-based. These water-based paints can be safely and effectively stored in crosslinked polyethylene tanks. In fact, polyethylene is now a common and convenient packaging material for paint at both the retail and wholesale level.

Advantages of Crosslinked Polyethylene for Storing Water-Based Paints

Crosslinked polyethylene offers distinct storage advantages when compared to steel storage tanks or drums. The advantages of crosslinked polyethylene storage of paint are as follows:

Poly Paint Storage Tank

  1. Chemically compatible - Water-based paints do not and will not permeate the material of a crosslinkedpolyethylene storage tank.
  2. No rusting - Compared to steel tanks, poly tanks are rust-free. No costly re-coating or re-lining of the tank is needed.
  3. Zero maintenance - As mentioned, no re-coating or re-lining of the tank is needed to prevent rust. Maintenance time and costs are eliminated. Using the Poly Processing IMFO full drain system, no residual paint will accumulate at the bottom of the tank. 
  4. Lower cost - Poly tanks are less costly than steel tanks at the initial purchase. They typically last longer than steel tanks (a poly paint storage tank generally has a useful life of over 20 years), and have the advantage of lower maintenance costs as explained in the points above.
  5. More environmentally friendly - The longer life means less tanks in landfills. Also, poly tank materials can be re-purposed into asphalt road filler or other products which need a robust filler material.

Specialized Paint Storage Solutions

As partners with prominent name brand paint manufacturers, Poly Processing has developed best practices in bulk paint storage. Correct tank wall thickness, proper gaskets, fittings, and venting are built into every bulk paint storage system. In addition, seismic and wind restraint systems are available when needed. Poly Processing has the flexibility and expertise to custom design the proper bulk paint storage system to accommodate your needs.

Do you have questions about bulk paint storage? Please contact a Poly Processing storage tank system specialist.

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