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You may have noticed that there are a few new items and groupings on our website. We recently made some improvements to the site in order to categorize information so that you may be able to find it easier.

We now have 11 different blog topic listings to help you find what you're looking for on our site.

jcsa_angle_1_final_640x427.jpgIn addition to a section on Fittings and Accessories and Applications, we also have a category called Certifications and Standards. This is the place where you'll find blog entries that deal with ASTM standards, NSF guidelines, FDA certifications, and other similar topics.

We also have posts broken out that deal with Chemicals, Tank Design and Materials, Installation and Service, Venting, and Technology Tips.

Lastly, we have a category for Customer Experiences where you can find out more from past customers as well as a News section and a category entitled Value Added.

Shipping_12.jpgValue Added is a group of blogs that bring additional value to our customers. These posts will go above and beyond just explaining the details of a standard tank system. They are specifically aimed at detailing what might come along with the purchase of that tank, testing that is done in house, freight logistics, warranties, etc. This category also includes posts that deal with safety, consistency and reliability, and environmental care.

Poly Processing has added a Blog search engine to our website. It can be found on the side bar of the blog page and is titled "Search All Blog Posts".

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