Cone-Bottom Tanks: Why They’re Used and What to Look For

Cone-bottom tanks are generally used in process applications where total drainage of the tank is required. Typical applications would include the storage of heavy materials and materials prone to sludging, which are difficult to drain out of upright tanks. 

Cone-bottom tanks are also ideal for dry materials, such as grains or cattle feed as they can be 100% drained out of the tank with a flange or slidegate at the bottom of the tank. In addition, materials that require separation can be handled with a decant fitting to remove the liquid from the solids. 

Cone-Bottom Tanks Why They’re Used and What to Look For

Let’s take a look at some key considerations for evaluating cone-bottom tank storage solutions.

Support Mechanisms For Cone-Bottom Tanks

cone-bottom-tanks-3.jpgThe correct support of a cone-bottom tank is vital to preventing spills and damage to the tank, and to ensuring safe and effective operation. Seismic ratings should also be considered, depending on the area where the tank will be installed. 

The support structure is comprised of an epoxy covered carbon steel stand and basket that supports the tank. The basket must fit properly around the tank with no large gaps. The basket must also be strong enough to support the weight of the materials under storage. Reinforced support or a full pan bottom support may be required for heavier materials or storage applications that include elevated temperatures. 

In addition to the epoxy coated carbon steel, other basket and support materials such as stainless steel, are available,

Proper Slope of the Cone-Bottom Tank 

The slope of the tank impacts the rate and efficiency at which stored material can exit the tank. The materials stored and the size of the tank will dictate the slope of the tank. Dry and liquid materials require less slope, while heavy, sludgy materials require a steeper tank slope design to facilitate ease of draining. 

Tank slopes of 30, 45, and 60 degrees, and a variety of tank sizes are available. Please refer to our cone-bottom tank specifications page for more information. 

An Alternative to Cone-Bottom Tanks

When full tank drainage is required, Poly Processing’s IMFO® or sloped bottom IMFO® offers an alternative to the standard cone-bottom tank. The IMFO is a one-piece flange which is positioned at the bottom of the tank. 

The IMFO® system delivers full tank drain without the need for a tank stand and basket. This eliminates maintenance work on the basket and stand, therefore reducing tank operating costs.

Check out our Sloped Bottom Tanks with IMFO

For more information about cone-bottom tanks, please refer to the technical specifications document, or contact a Poly Processing storage tank system specialist.

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