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How strong is your chemical storage tank?

Whether you're storing dangerous chemicals or condiments, reliability is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a tank. The last thing you want is to lose product/revue or an employee to get hurt because your tank can't stand up to potential environmental stressors. 


That's why we've built our cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) storage tanks can handle almost anything. We had some fun putting them through the industry's toughest durability test and as you’ll see below, the the results are impressive.

The Poly Processing Tank Drop Test



We first tested a 3,000-gallon High-Density Linear Polyethylene tank. We filled the tank with 7,000 pounds of water (10x the weight of an empty tank) and dropped it from 15 feet to a concrete surface.

High-Denisty Linear Polyethylene Tank

As expected, the linear polyethylene tank experienced a complete catastrophic failure.

Linear Polyethylene Tank

We repeated the same test on a Poly Processing XLPE tank. The Poly Processing  tank was a 3000-gallon crosslinked polthyelyene tank filled with 7000 pounds of water. As with the first tank, this was 10x the weight of an empty tank.

Poly Processing XLPE tank

When we dropped the tank 15 feet to the same concrete surface, there was absolutely no damage. The tank had no tears or cracks of any kind, and the water remained entirely contained within the tank.

drop test crosslinked polyethylene tank

Next, we filled the same crosslinked polyethylene tank with 11,000 pounds of water. That’s over 15 times the weight of an empty tank! It was dropped from the same height to the same surface, with the same results: no damage to the tank.

crosslinked polyethylene tank drop test

Finally, the same tank was dropped from the full height of the crane—45 feet in the air. 

crosslinked polyethylene tank

Even after the third drop, from 45 feet to a concrete surface, the tank remained 100% intact with no leaks or cracks.

XLPE tank


The Toughest Tanks in the Industry

These tests are an impressive demonstration of our XLPE tanks’ durability and strength, but they’re more than just for show. The strength and longevity of our chemical storage tanks are our top priorities. We’re committed to manufacturing the toughest tanks in the industry—so we’re always working to improve the durability of our polyethylene tank solutions.

Dramatic testing like the drop test allows us to put our tanks through most extreme conditions so that we can guarantee their quality to our customers. Your employees’ safety and your company’s operations depend upon it.

Want to see more tank tests? You can view other Poly Processing quality tests on our YouTube channel.

For more information on the testing we do, contact a chemical storage tank expert at Poly Processing today.

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