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Proper Storage Protection for Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Since 2010, the EPA has required every diesel truck to have a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank onboard. The DEF system sprays the fluid into the exhaust to help eliminate the NOx emissions in diesel engines. DEF is a combination of urea and deionized water, and it is critical that the solution stay pure. Impurities will cause the DEF system to stop, which will shut down the operation of the truck.


We work with DEF manufacturers and distributors to provide reliable storage solutions that ensure their DEF stays 100% pure.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Storage Considerations

DEF solution is a clear, non-toxic chemical. It is safe to handle, but it can corrode certain metals, so it is important to design a bulk storage system that can give you top performance for many years.

DEF Storage Solutions

Safely protecting the purity of the diesel exhaust fluid is the number one goal of a storage system. Since DEF is a high-purity chemical, it should receive the same level of storage treatment as engine oil. Never store DEF in an old oil or diesel fuel storage tank and never add any chemicals or water to the chemical solution.

To maintain the purity of DEF, proper and complete draining is required to remove any sediments and impurities. Without a complete draining, impurities will eventually build up and contaminate the entire supply of DEF solution. Poly Processing’s slope-bottom IMFO® system is ideal, because it provides a full drain, without requiring any manual maintenance. Our slope-bottom tank beats other full-drain tanks every time.

DEF should be stored at an optimal temperature to reduce the chance of separation and settling. We recommend adding heat pads and insulation to the tanks to maintain the proper temperature.

For more information on safely storing diesel exhaust fluid, download our diesel exhaust fluid guide.

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