Do Polyethylene Tank Manufacturers Have a Quality Assurance Department and Documented Procedures

In the second installment of The Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Tank Manufacturer series we will be covering a question frequently asked about a tank manufacturer's Quality Assurance Department and how their testing procedures are documented. 

Poly Processing utilizes a 17-step quality process. These procedures are followed closely for each tank as it passes through checkpoints at specific departments internally. Each department, including process coordination, molding, quality assurance, assembly and shipping have a hand in the quality process.

How Does the Quality Assurance Process Work?

As soon as the tank is out of Poly’s molding process, it moves directly into the Quality Assurance Department for testing (measuring wall thickness, internal light inspection, external light inspection, gel testing, hydro testing, heating, etc.) before passing through to the next department.

Poly’s Quality Assurance personnel ensure the tank is free of defects and carefully document each test performed on the tank. Each tank is inspected with a “fine tooth comb” including verifying there are no pinholes, making sure the wall thickness is correct, and conducting an impact test.

What is the Documentation for this Process?

The quality assurance process is documented by utilizing a “traveler.” A traveler is a document based on the serial number of the tank and serves as the internal, hand-written checklist which will accompany the tank from department to department. A representative at each stop along the way will document both the specific test completed and the result of each test. In essence, a traveler acts as the tank’s “birth certificate.”

Does the Customer Get a Copy of the Traveler?

Upon request, a customer may receive a copy of the traveler. Typically, this version is much more “buttoned up” than the extensive document used internally (each completed test is noted, as are the standards for the test, how the tank performed, and who completed each testing).

What Quality Assurance Documentation Can the Tank Manufacturer Supply on Its Products?

Poly Processing has the ability to provide a shorter version of the traveler on its products. Again, this is typically a condensed form of the traveler that displays the most vital parts of the quality assurance testing.

Poly Processing’s quality assurance testing and procedures are much more stringent than a number of tank manufacturers, who simply assign pass or fail grade to a tank. Each test is carefully administered and documented before allowing the tank to move along to the next step.

If you have additional questions about how quality assurance tests are conducted, would like further detail, and/or need to request more information, please contact a storage tank system specialist.

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