Handle Storage Tank Over-Pressurization: Choose the Right Manway Cover

Pneumatically filled chemical storage tanks have the potential for becoming over-pressurized. Over-pressurizing a storage tank through repeated fill cycles can damage and weaken the tank sidewalls, resulting in stress cracks and premature tank failure. Proper tank venting is needed to prevent over-pressurization.

Superior Tank Lid: Built-In Venting

Here’s a cost-savings venting solution for storing chemicals when fuming is not a concern. The F.S. 2650 manway lid provides up to 2650 cubic air feet per minute pressure release. With this premier engineered lid, the vent is designed into the lid. This solution can replace up to an eight inch vent, resulting in a cost-savings of $1500.

In addition, the F.S. 2650 offers these advantages:

  • F.S. 2650 Manway CoverReplaces 2,3,4, 6, or 8-inch vents at little to no cost as no additional vents are required.

  • Eliminates a separate U-vent tank penetration. No additional tank penetrations are required to retrofit an existing tank.

  • Same size and bolting design as our standard manway cover for easy replacement.

  • Prevents the tank from over-pressurization during pneumatic fills. Eliminates stress on the tank and increases tank longevity.

In addition to these advantages, visual inspection of the inside of the storage tank is made easy with the F.S. 2650. The vent dome can be easily removed to see the inside of the tank. Removing the entire bolted manway cover assembly isn’t needed.

The F.S. 2650 simply bolts onto the existing manway opening. It is designed to prevent debris, rainwater, birds, and small animals from entering or nesting in the vented portion of the lid by using strategically placed vent holes and a plastic screen.

For more information about the value of replacing an existing manway cover, or to arrange a replacement, please contact a chemical storage tank expert.

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  • February 14, 2014
  • Topics: Venting