How To Purchase a Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank

Purchasing the right chemical storage tank is made simple when you contact a chemical storage tank expert at Poly Processing Company. Based upon thousands of chemical storage tanks manufactured and installed, we recommend these steps to lead you down the right path to getting a chemical storage tank that fits your needs.

Steps in Purchasing a Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank

  1. What Chemical Are You Storing? The chemical being stored will dictate the type of storage system we recommend.  Certain tank materials, such as the OR-1000 system, are necessary with Sulfuric Acid and other oxidizing chemicals. In addition, the chemical being stored determines fittings, venting, and other tank components for safe operation and tank longevity.

  2. Do You Need Technical Assistance? Our inside sales team can quickly provide a "standard package" tank system quote, complete with a basic design drawing as a starting point. From there, we can help you customize the tank to meet your specific needs.

  3. Will You Need to Customize the Fittings and Accessories? Based upon facility requirements, such as necessary plumbing locations, we can produce CAD drawings that can be modified and adjusted as needed until final approval.

  4. Are Municipal Bid Specs Needed? For water treatment chemical storage, we can help municipalities and engineering firms throughout the process from initial tank design and developing bid specifications to project specific submittals.

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Here are some options to get the process started:

  1. Configure a Tank - Use our online request system to submit your project specifications easily and at your convenience.  The Poly team will review your requirements and create a custom tank configuration package for your application. 

  2. Request a Quote - If you would like a price quote, and know the specifics of your chemical storage application, use our Request a Quote form and we will provide a price quote for your project.

  3. Contact a Chemical Storage Tank Specialist Directly - Feel free to contact a chemical storage expert or give us a call at 1-877-591-4827 if you need additional assistance in building a proper chemical storage for specific requirements or for budget pricing.

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