Maintaining Safe Chemical Storage Through Periodic Tank Inspection

Safe storage of chemicals is vital. In 
a previous article, we recommended a comprehensive annual chemical storage tank inspection to detect cracking and crazing,  gasket and fitting issues,and several other points on and around the tank that could develop into potential problems.

But is an annual tank inspection enough?

In addition to the comprehensive tank inspection, we recommend proactive, periodic routine tank inspections. The Poly Processing Service Department can conduct these inspections for you to ensure that your storage tank system is performing as expected.

This proactive, general tank inspection includes inspecting the following components of your chemical storage system

  1. Periodic Chemical Tank InspectionTank Interior and Exterior - We conduct a visual inspection of your tank’s interior and exterior to spot signs of cracking, brittle appearance, and other signs that the tank has potential weaknesses.

    In some instances, we will scrape off the top 1/32” of a small area of the exterior surface in order to inspect the extent of potential cracking or hazing of the tank’s material.
  2. Fittings and Attachments - This step involves a visual inspection of all of the tank’s fittings and attachments. When present, gaskets are also visually inspected for signs of fatigue.

    Next, we check the bolt torque on all bolted fittings attached to the tank. We will then inspect any flexible connections to ensure they are functioning properly. Valves are also visually inspected for signs of leakage.
  3. Vent Line - When present, any and all vent lines are visually inspected to detect any restrictions or obstructions. We also evaluate the size of the vent and will note any applicable recommendations for improvement.

    If a scrubber is present, it is also visually inspected for areas of wear.
  4. External Components of the Tank -  Lastly, we conduct a thorough visual inspection of ladders, brackets, stabilizers, seismic systems and stands to identify signs of corrosion.

After the inspection is complete, Poly Processing will provide a written report of the findings of the chemical storage tank inspection along with any areas of concern.

Maintaining a safe, effective, and efficiently operating chemical storage system requires a proactive approach to pinpoint problems before they become critical. 

Download an overview of our Tank Inspection Process. Or, contact the Poly Processing Field Service Department to arrange your chemical storage tank system inspection.

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