New Poly Processing Company Introduction Video


Poly Processing Company prides itself in its people, products, and manufacturing plants. We are always trying to find ways to bring the PPC experience to our customers so they can get a first hand look at our company. We are excited to offer the new "Poly Processing Company Introduction Video" to give you a glimpse into our manufacturing facilities, and the people that deliver on the promise of serving our customers needs, demands, and expectations.

An Introduction to Poly Processing



J.R. Carter, Operations Manager: "Ultimately what we're all about is solving problems for customers.  We kind of look at it in a personal way. Every order that we get in is almost like taking a picture of the customer and truly understanding whose needs we're trying to fulfill."

Zach Rank, Plastics Engineer: "We don't make extra tanks and just keep them out in the yard and sell them a dime a dozen. Every order that comes in is for a specific job. We've got a group of process engineers that have been specifically schooled in plastics engineering. We've got a group of design engineers that work for us. We've got drafting people. I mean we've got everything that can work for ingenuity and innovation all in one spot."

Scott Owens, Director of Operations: "We have the peace of mind that when we go through our process parameters we manufacture a tank that’s good. People come in here thinking about making a plastic tank think it’s an easy process, but there's a lot of detail that goes in it that makes it very difficult. There’s a lot more behind the scenes than what people think there is."

Zach Rank: "I think it's all about the value that we add to the product. From the quality that we put into it to the materials that we make."

Poly_Introduction_Blog.pngJ.R. Carter: "This is better than anything that's out there on the market. If there's a change or a new innovation that comes along -- we’re a privately held company. We don't have a lot of this red tape hinderance to stop us from testing it."

Scott Owens: "Years ago we were all about manufacturing plastic tanks and that's how we looked at it. We just made tank after tank after tank. Now we define our quality by meeting the customer’s requirements and we have a lot of things that we measure during the days time to meet those requirements. We put in so much time to develop our product. We see the performance in the field. We have 35,000 tanks out there under warranty at any given day. I think it’s the best on the market.":

Zach Rank: "What we want to do for our customers is we want to create an ease of business. We're thinking empathetically and we're putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes."

Scott Owens: "A successful day is when everybody goes out of here just as healthy as they were when they came in and it doesn't matter if we ship one tank today or if we ship 10 truckloads of tanks today. If somebody gets hurt it was all for nothing."

J.R. Carter: "We go out in the market find out what the market needs, what do consumers and end users and customers need -- bring that back and develop a plan and a process to supply those needs to them mostly in the form of storage tanks, but sometimes just in service or in knowledge and expertise."

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