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PolyGard: What Your Stainless Steel Tank Is Missing

PolyGard is a polyethylene lining for stainless steel tanks and vessels used as a barrier to protect the stainless steel from the material being stored. It allows users to combine the chemical resistance of polyethylene with the durability and strength of stainless steel.

To truly understand how effective PolyGard is, let’s examine what it is comprised of, how it is made, and how it is commonly used.

Taking a Closer Look at PolyGard

PolyGard is a medium-density polyethylene liner or coating that has excellent chemical resistance properties. When applied to steel tanks, this lining prevents highly-oxidizing chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and other compounds from attacking the steel surface. 

As a result, the life of the vessel is extended. PolyGard is ideal for use in high-volume applications to safeguard the integrity of the stainless steel tank, which can be expensive to replace.

polygard polyethylene linerHow Is PolyGard Made?

We start the process of installing PolyGard liners by preparing the steel vessel to receive the liner. This involves making sure the vessel is sufficiently clean and preheating it to the necessary temperature. In order to join the polyethylene to the steel we rotationally mold and ionically bond a 1/4-inch poly layer onto the inner surface of the steel vessel.

After the polyethylene material is ionically bonded to the steel, a spark test is performed to ensure no pinholes or voids exist on the coating. The overall process and testing performed ensures the storage tank stands up for the long run.

Applications for PolyGard

Let’s review some common applications of PolyGard to help determine whether or not it might be a good fit for your application:

  • The gas and oil industry, where high-pressure and high-temperature substances are common

  • Offshore vessels and construction sites, to mitigate the risk of spills that could cause serious ecological damage to the environment

  • The lining of pipes with larger diameters, to help maintain the integrity of the steel pipe

If you have a stainless steel storage vessel and are interested in extending the tank life, download our PolyGard guide now.

Download the PolyGard Guide


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