The Importance of Having Clear Specifications

Engineering Specifications

Technical specifications are one of the most important aspects of any project. And having clear specifications not only allows you to get a clear picture of what the expectations are but it also allows you to plan ahead.

Today, we're going to look at engineering specifications, what makes them clear, and why that's vital for both businesses and their customers.

What is a Specification?

IMG00011-20100105-1122.jpgBy their very nature, engineering specifications are intended to define what a project is, what components will be used, and how those components are going to be assembled. However, just like the fine print in some contracts, the content of technical specifications can be overlooked if the text is vague or contradictory.

For example, a specification for a chemical tank should describe what material it will be made of and what the fittings will be. It should explicitly describe the components, how it is built, and what it should be when it is finished.

A specification is usually written by the consulting engineer or the engineer working on the project writing it for the owner or the end user. For example, if a municipality such as a water or wastewater treatment plant needs tanks, in most cases they get a consulting engineer to develop the engineering specifications.

Four C's of Spec Writing

Good specifications should adhere to the following four C's:

  • Clear: Use correct grammar and simple sentences to avoid any ambiguity. You should pick the words carefully so that you convey exact meanings.
  • Correct: Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and precise.
  • Complete: Do not leave out important information. Ensure that all of the details are included.
  • Concise: Eliminate any unnecessary words but not at the expense of clarity, correctness, or completeness.

How Can Poly Processing Help With Engineering Specifications?

Poly Processing has a complete specification review team and has specifications written that are available on the website for download.

If there are specifications that someone needs developed, PPC can also do that and make sure they are clear, correct, complete, and concise.

The goal is to make sure the specification gets to our review team early enough so that the Poly Processing team can work with engineers and municipalities to help develop the specification or review it, and find the correct polyethylene chemical storage tank solution for your needs.

For more information on specifications and getting help to make sure they are clear and concise, contact a chemical storage tank expert today.

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