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Updated Installation and Operation Guide Now Available

Poly Processing works diligently to produce each and every chemical storage tank built to spec, but if a tank is not installed correctly it could lead to damage, leaks, safety issues for personnel, and ultimately a shorter tank life. That’s why everyone should take chemical tank installation seriously.

We know that our customers rely on the comprehensive Installation and Operation Guide to help with proper installation of each of our chemical storage tanks and their fittings and accessories.

We’ve recently updated the guide to include more detail and instructions based on feedback from our customers. The new installation guide continues to focus on giving installers a simple, yet safe and effective way to correctly install and maintain a tank system.

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Chemical Storage Tank Installation Guide Highlights

Installation_Guide.pngHere are a few important highlights from the Installation and Operation Guide that we feel are critical for our customers:

    • IMFO Tank Installation – When installing a Vertical Tank with an IMFO fitting, it is critical that the entire bottom of the tank is supported by a housekeeping pad. The IMFO fitting plumbing (piping, valves, etc) must be supported from the ground or other means and not supported by the IMFO or the tank itself. Check out the Vertical Tank with IMFO page to download the drawings on the concrete tank pads. 
    • Emphasis on the importance of proper venting – The guide contains the venting table along with engineered lids to make sure your tank performs correctly for many years. View our venting page for this detailed information as well: www.polyprocessing.com/venting

    • Fitting Information – Including torque values and techniques, proper gasket placement, and assembly instructions.

    • Reverse Float Level Gauge – We have added a note regarding the calibration tape installation on a Reverse Float Level Gauge. It's essential that the tape be installed from the bottom of the tank to the top because it is a reverse read system.

    • Off-Loading Instructions and Photos – To ensure proper off-loading at the customer’s site and prevent any issues during this process.

    • Internal / External Plumbing.

    • Updated SAFE-Tank Bellows Transition Fitting Installation Instructions.

    • Flexible Connectors – The importance of having flexibility built into the plumbing attached to the lower sidewall of the tank. You can also check out our Flexible Conenctions page for more information: www.polyprocessing.com/flex.

    • Ladder Components and Installation Instructions.
    • Restraint Systems Installation Instructions.
    • Start-Up Checklist.

After you’ve successfully installed your tank, we also have provided plenty of resources to reference throughout your polyethylene chemical storage tank’s life. These resources are also a part of our Installation and Operation Guide, and include:

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As always please reach out with questions. Our goal is securing your personal safety, and ensuring the safety of your investment in a chemical storage tank system.

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