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Warranty vs. Extended Warranty: Are You Getting What You Pay For?


Purchasing a chemical storage tank can be a significant investment. You want to have confidence and reassurance that the tank will function as promised. The strength and transparency of the warranty demonstrates that the manufacturer believes in and stands behind their product.

Let’s look at how the chemical storage tank industry addresses warranties.

Warranties for chemical storage tank systems, as with most warranties, can be completely different from one company to another and somewhat difficult to understand. Fiberglass storage tanks typically offer a limited one year warranty. The industry standard for polyethylene chemical storage tanks is three years unless you want to pay more for an “extended warranty”. The real test of any warranty is the service supplied when an issue is encountered.

There are important differences between Poly Processing’s standard warranty and other tank manufacturer warranties. Let’s take a look at a few of the issues that arise on chemical tank system warranties.

Decoding Extended Warranties and Pro-Rated Warranties

Small_IMFO_Tank_1.jpgAt a casino, the odds are always with the house. When it comes to extended warranties, the same rule applies, but the sellers win with different bets -- that you'll never use them, overpay for them, or fail to understand what's covered.

Extended warranties can cost you plenty, and extended warranties have plenty of fine print. You need to read them before you sign, and do the math to determine what the chances are that one will pay off for you. The odds are already stacked further against you if you don't.

More often than not, tank manufacturers offer extended warranties in an attempt to remain competitive. They hope that the extended warranty will attract more customers. A seven-year warranty, for example, may sound better than a five-year warranty. However, an extended warranty isn't truly about support. It’s a bet the manufacturer makes, hoping the tank will last long enough.

In addition to extended warranties, some companies might offer pro-rated warranties. In the case of a pro-rated warranty, manufacturers will offer a short term full warranty (maybe a year or two) and then decrease the warranty coverage of the tank slowly over time. The goal is for the tank to last long enough so that the customer’s portion of the pro-rated warranty will cover any of the manufacturers replacement or repair costs.

Keep in mind that the tank warranty is just one part of the repair or replacement costs associated with a tank issue. There's also the installation, plumbing, testing, and on-site maintenance that might be involved.

The bottom line is that the goal behind both an extended warranty and a pro-rated warranty is to simply cover the cost of a replacement. It doesn't provide any additional protections. The customer is often paying more for their tank system overall.

The Importance of A Good Chemical Tank Warranty

When it comes to chemical storage tanks, your warranty is one consideration among many, including tank quality & tank longevity, chemical compatibility, and a solid engineering approach to the tank system.

Some things to think about when evaluating your warranty are:

  • How will the warranty be serviced?
  • Will the manufacturer come out into the field to repair the tank?
  • Are you responsible for handling the repairs or service on your own?
  • What type of response time does the manufacturer offer?

At Poly Processing, we pride ourselves in having a twenty-five year plus track record of 100% backing the tanks we manufacture. We look at warranties as an extension of our business and are proud to transparently offer one of the strongest warranties in the chemical storage tank industry. Poly Processing has a field service team that supports and reinforces our standard warranty. They also will help instruct customers on the proper installation of the tank as needed.

Exceeding The Industry Standards

Sodium_Hypochlorite_Tanks_at_Water_Treatment_Plant_in_Washington_1.jpgMost Poly Processing Company chemical storage tanks come with a full five year warranty at no additional cost to the customer. The tank system warranty varies slightly on the chemical being stored, fitting and accessories installed, and the actual end use application of the tank. This is clearly defined in our one page standard warranty which you can find at www.polyprocessing.com.

Another question that we hear very often is what happens after the warranty expires?

PPC is the industry leader in the useful life of a tank and on average see that XLPE tanks last three times longer than linear polyethylene tanks in the same application. Our goal is to help design a tank system that lasts well beyond the warranty and gives the customer a cost effective solution every time.

As you can see, evaluating the warranty that comes with your chemical storage tank is one of the many important aspects of your purchase. You need to know going in what the warranty options are, what they truly mean to you, and how the company you're working with will support it.

For more information on the warranties we offer, contact Poly Processing today. 

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