How to Store Unlisted, Blended, or Proprietary Chemicals

Our polyethylene chemical storage tanks can safely store many types of chemicals, but
different chemicals call for different solutions. Never purchase a chemical tank system without first ensuring that the tank is built to store the chemical you’re using.

There are thousands of different chemicals in use today. Our website lists the most common chemicals that we see in the marketplace but it’s not an exhaustive list. There are rare chemicals, proprietary chemicals, and blended chemicals that aren’t listed on our website. We can build storage system solutions for many of those chemicals, but they require special attention and expert engineering.

Don’t Take Chances with Storing Non-Standard Chemicals


When you blend chemicals, the properties of the original chemicals change. It’s important to talk to a Poly Processing expert throughout your purchasing process. Our customer service and engineering experts will ensure that your chemical storage tank can safely store the unlisted, blended or proprietary chemicals you use. Proprietary chemicals can also be tricky. Even if the chemical company lists necessary chemical information on its website, it may withhold valuable proprietary information as well. Often an MSDS sheet may be available, but there could be some additives in the proprietary solution that could impact chemical storage.

Our experts can work with the chemical company to determine if the proprietary chemical can be stored in a polyethylene tank.

Get the Chemical Tank for Your Needs

Our polyethylene tanks can usually store your unlisted or proprietary chemicals, but it’s important to work with Poly Processing Customer Support from the start. With their help, you can ensure you get the chemical containment system that is designed for your specific needs.

When you talk with Customer Support, be sure to have the following information ready:

  • The MSDS sheet
  • Chemical concentrations
  • Temperature ranges
  • Cycle times (how often tank will be filled or emptied)
  • Personal knowledge about the chemical
  • Prior experience with storing the chemical (for example, if you currently have tanks with the same chemical)

introduction-to-msds-11-638.jpgBlended and proprietary chemicals can be extremely hazardous—and costly. Don’t take chances with your chemical storage system. Poly Processing’s experts will make sure you’re supplied a storage system that can handle the harshest chemicals—keeping your personnel safe and your assets protected.

Have questions? Speak with one of our chemical tank experts to discuss your chemical storage tank needs.

Talk to a chemical storage tank expert

  • October 24, 2017