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Poly Tank Vent Dryers and Desiccant Filter Designs

Bulk stored chemicals can become contaminated from two major sources: dirt or particles, and water or moisture. Maintaining chemical purity is essential in many industrial chemical applications, such as computer chip manufacturing, food processing, clean in place, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In order to prevent contamination, special accessories like tank vent dryers and desiccant filters may be required.

Let’s examine the role of tank vent dryer and desiccant filter design considerations.

What Is a Tank Vent Dryer?

A tank vent dryer is a small vessel equipped with an absorbent desiccant material. The purpose of the desiccant is to filter out dirt particles and moisture and prevent them from entering the chemical storage tank.

Pressure, temperature, and tank fill levels cause the tank to inhale and exhale. Atmospheric air, potentially contaminated with dirt and water, enters the tank through the venting system when this occurs. A tank vent dryer prevents this from transpiring. 

In addition to preventing contaminants from entering the tank, the life of the chemicals is extended as chemical dilution is avoided. Clean up, repairs, and maintenance of the tank are reduced by filtering out these harmful contaminants.

Tank Vent Dryer Design Considerations

Poly Processing works with a number of tank vent manufacturers in order to offer our customers the options needed to meet their specific challenges. Typically, the customer will coordinate the vent design with the vent manufacturer. If needed, we will coordinate with the vent manufacturer, and make sure the vent design meets our tank warranty requirements.

Let us help you maintain proper air flow, venting, and filtering to prevent chemical contamination with a specialized vent design. 

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