Polyethylene Wine Storage Tanks - An Affordable Alternative

Starting a winery is often a passion, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The equipment used in a winery is expensive. A cost effective alternative to storing wine for aging in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks is a polyethylene or plastic wine tank.Let’s examine polyethylene wine tanks as a storage and aging option for wineries.

Not All Polyethylene Storage Tanks Are Created Equal


The plastic storage tanks found at local or big box hardware stores are thin, lower grade polyethylene products. Using these thin-walled tanks for wine storage can increase exposure to oxygen and quickly turn wine into vinegar, ruining your vintage for the year.

An agriculture grade high-density poly resin tank permits control of oxygen. Poly Processing offers FDA approved, NSF/ANSI 61 wine tanks, available in various sizes from 30 gallon to 1000 gallons. With manufacturing facilities located near the primary wine producing regions in the United States, costs to ship and deliver wine storage tanks is minimized.

While Poly Processing’s core business is chemical storage, the same mentality of quality construction and fittings is transferred to the wine tanks. Large airtight lids and thick durable tank construction enable control of oxygen and give the vinter a cost-effective aging wine tank storage solution to un-oak chardonnay and age red wines.

For an overview of Poly Processing’s wine tank storage solutions, download the Wine Storage System Guide.

Download Wine Storage System Guide