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Storing Leachate and Condensate in Poly Processing Tanks


Leachate and condensate from landfills can contain hazardous constituents either as a direct result of the waste disposed in the facility (e.g., household hazardous wastes) or as a result of the breakdown of the chemical compounds found in waste (e.g., leachate derived constituents).


What Are Leachate and Condensate?

Leachate is liquid that has come in contact with or has been released from waste. Condensate is the liquid generated as a result of the gas collection and recovery process. Condensate includes the liquid that is inadvertently generated from the gas collection system, as well as what is generated from the gas recovery process.

Poly Storage TankWhere Are Leachate and Condensate Storage Tanks Needed?

Cleanup of contaminated ground or surface water is extremely expensive and presents a substantial risk to the landfill operator. The solution to contain the contamination in a landfill liner, which contains the waste. The waste is then drained or piped into containment tanks for discharge to municipal waste treatment plants, or on-site treatment.

Using Polyethylene Tanks for Effective and Safe Storage

Poly Processing Company’s cross-linked polyethylene tanks are engineered and designed to safely store leachate and condensate under almost any circumstance:

  • Poly Processing tanks are chemically compatible with most every dissolved and solid material found in landfill leachate / condensate including acids, aldehydes, ammonia, pathogens, metals, etc.
  • 20 times the Environmental Stress Crack Resistance of High Density Linear Polyethylene tanks gives the end user a significant longer useful life.
  • Poly Processing tanks are manufactured with seamless construction which eliminates the potential for chemical attack points and bad welds / joints found in Fiberglass tanks and Steel tanks.
  • Poly Processing cross-linked polyethylene tanks are not affected by the unpredictable composition of leachate / condensate and rarely need maintenance. Leachate / condensate will severely damage epoxy, concrete, and powder coated tanks leading to costly maintenance.
  • Poly Processing tanks have been installed in typical landfills as well as hazardous waste landfills for over 25 years with zero issues.

By providing the right kind of storage tank for leachate and condensate, safety can be maintained – and the integrity of the system can be maintained.

Looking for more information about our Leachate and Condensate chemical storage systems? Download our Leachate and Condensate guide. 

Download the Leachate and Condensate Guide

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