Why Your XLPE Tank Needs An Antioxidant Interior

OR-1000™ is Poly Processing’s innovative system designed to offer a longer lasting solution to applications which require the storage of chemicals that have aggressive oxidation properties. As an option in your chemical storage tank package, it has a number of other benefits that can add longevity to the tank, help the system meet FDA requirements, save water, manpower, and more.

What Is OR-1000™ And What Are Its Benefits?

chemical tankOR-1000™ is a polyethylene compounded with four times the amount of antioxidant properties as normal polyethylene. It is also molecularly bound to the interior tank wall, adding an additional chemical barrier between the high-density cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) tank wall and the chemical. 

OR-1000™ slows down the oxidation of the tank wall and the chemical itself - especially in the cases of sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid. Oxidation shortens the half-life of those chemicals, requiring you to use more chemical over a shorter period of time. Since chemical delivery is costly, the longer you can preserve the integrity of the chemical the better. 

In cases where a high oxidation risk occurs, a tank with an interior surface of OR-1000™ will have an exterior made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and the two surfaces will work together to provide the chemical resistance offered by OR-1000™ on the inside and the strength and durability offered by XLPE on the outside.

More Benefits of A Polyethylene Anxioxidant System

  • In addition to the antioxidant benefits of OR-1000™, it also meets FDA requirements, so your tank is safe for food, drug and cosmetics storage. Some customers use this tank option for contact lens solution storage and other materials that need to be safe for consumers.
  • OR-1000™ offers a smoother interior surface. Antioxidants are added into a linear polyethylene rather than the cross-linked. During the rotomolding process, linear polyethylene stays in a free-flow form much longer before it hardens, so it solidifies into a smooth surface with less microscopic texture.
  • If your XLPE tank with OR-1000™ interior is easier to wash down, that makes it an ideal choice for applications that use batch tanks. After its use, a batch tank must be cleaned out, either to store more of the same chemical, or to store another chemical. Each of these cleaning cycles requires a certain amount of water. By creating a slicker runoff, OR-1000™ tanks require less water and less manpower to clean these batch tanks as well. These increased efficiencies save you both time and money, especially when faced with water restrictions.
  • You can add the OR-1000™ anti-oxidant interior structure to any chemical storage tank, from a SAFE-Tank to a vertical tank with an IMFO fitting. 

Why OR-1000™?

A tank with an interior made of the OR-1000 system compounded with four times the antioxidants as standard polyethylene, combined with an outer tank made of durable high-density cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) that offers 20 times the environmental resistance of regular high-density polyethylene creates the best of both worlds for many different types of chemical storage applications. From sulfuric acid and other corrosive chemicals to hops, potable water and other FDA-monitored materials, Poly Processing has you covered.

Download our OR-1000™ Guide to learn about using this antioxidant layer in your next chemical storage tank.

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