Confined Space Safety Issues? Consider a Side Manway

While many of the chemicals stored within polyethylene tanks do not require side manways, they are available and have several benefits.  Fiberglass and stainless steel side manways provide the end user with the ability to do cleanout, maintenenance, etc. without entering the tank through the top opening. The connection between the side manway and the storage tank is designed with a radiused mounting saddle and hardware that provide the key to achieving an excellent sealed connection.

With over 15 years and hundreds of installations under our belt, side manways are an ideal choice when storing brines, fats, oils, and greases where routine tank entry is essential for cleaning materials that build up on the inner sidewall.

Six Advantages of Side Manways for Polyethylene Storage Tanks

  1. Side Manway FiberglassEasy access for routine inspection, maintenance, and repairs - Typically, in a chemical storage tank, manway access is at the top. Entering the tank is confined. It requires elaborate safety steps, such as a tripod and cable lanyards for safe tank access.
  2. Top tank access is inherently dangerous- Space is confined. Local and OSHA requirements must be followed. Side manways allow safer tank access.
  3. Key to service and maintenance of internal tank components-Side manways are particularly important when a vessel has internal features and/or accessories that may require maintenance such as baffles, spray rings, internal plumbing, or down pipes.
  4. Side Manway SteelFlexibility of Installation- Side manways can be installed at the plant or retrofitted in the field. If you already have a tank, an onsite installation is available.
  5. Excellent service record and long-term maintenance-free performance - Poly Processing side manways offer durable, low maintenance performance.
  6. The right material options available-  Side manways are available in stainless steel, both 304SS and 316SS, as well as fiberglass reinforced plastic. The chemical being stored will dictate the suggested material for the side manway .  Please contact PPC for suggested material based on chemical application.

Is a side manway the right accessory for your polyethylene storage tank? Discover the ease of maintenance, safety, and installation options available. For more information on side manways, please contact Poly Processing.

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