How a Side Manway Can Be Beneficial for Paint Storage


Paint presents a few storage challenges that might be very different from other commonly stored chemicals. More often than not, paint produces some harmful fumes and has a thicker viscosity than most liquids, which can lead to some real challenges when it comes to emptying or cleaning the tank that your paint supply is stored in.

How to Store Paint

Poly Processing’s crosslinked polyethylene tanks are chemically compatible when it comes to storing paint because it doesn’t permeate the tank and the tanks do not rust. An Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet (IMFO), either with a flat bottom or slope bottom design, is the perfect solution because it offers a complete full drain of the tank.

  • Small_IMFO_Tank.jpgWith a complete full drain, there’s no residual left over.
  • The IMFO flange is at the bottom of the tank, full drainage is achieved below the tank knuckle radius, which can eliminate the need to enter the tank for cleaning
  • One-piece construction enhances long-term performance of the tank, since it doesn’t compromise the tank hoop’s integrity or structural design.
  • The sloped bottom IMFO, because of the gradient of the tank, ensures that it’s truly empty thanks in large part to gravity.
  • There is no compromise in the quality of any other paint stored in the same tank at a later date because these tanks can be completely cleaned out.

Why a Side Manway Works Well

There are times where, in order to adequately clean a tank on a regular basis, you may need a stainless steel side manway installed. Again, because of the viscosity of paint, it can be very difficult to clean just by pressure washing the inside of the tank from above and the end result isn’t always as effective as required.

Stainless_Steel_Side_Manway_1.jpgWith a side manway, the cleaning process is more effective and it’s safer.

  • The manway allows for more air to circulate during a confined space entry because there is a top and/or side ventilation option for harmful fumes.
  • Without a side manway, an employee must stand on top of a ladder to clean it or perform a confined space entry from the top.
  • The stainless steel side manways are completely compatible with most paints and will not weaken the structure of the crosslinked polyethylene tank.

Tank Configurations Available

Poly Processing Company has a number of national paint manufacturer customers who are using the IMFO tanks for the manufacturing process and the storage of paint. In fact, Poly Processing offers several different tank configurations where the side manway is a viable option. The IMFO tank is available from 200 -13,650 Gallons.

If you are storing paint in a tank outdoors Poly Processing recommends tanks that are pigmented with carbon black, which block UV rays. If the tank requires mixers, that too can be accommodated. PPC can help design mixers with the appropriately equipped brackets and stands as necessary.

If you have needs for a tank configuration recommended for paint storage, give us a call today and talk to a chemical storage tank expert.

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