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PolyBase: A High Performance Tank Pad System for IMFO® Tanks

Poly Processing’s stronger-than-ever chemical tank pad, PolyBase, is engineered to handle more pressure and larger tanks. We have two types of PolyBase available: rotationally molded PolyBase systems for our IMFO® Tanks, and an innovative structural Polyurethane foam-based IMFO PolyBase option.

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Your Double-Wall Tank Might Be Incomplete Without Double-Wall Piping

A double-wall pipe is an important safety tool when storing liquids, whether it’s chemicals, wastewater, or even liquids used in the food and beverage industry. The vast majority of double-walled piping applications are for wastewater chemicals, contaminated groundwater, and chemical process safety.

Double-wall piping systems are used in a variety of ways to protect against leaks. When paired with a SAFE-Tank® system, it makes your storage solution even more secure.

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Poly Processing Innovation Series: The IMFO® Is a Better Full Discharge System

This is the fourth article in Poly Processing’s Innovation Series, where you’ll discover the many innovations that we have introduced to the chemical storage industry.

One of the biggest challenges in vertical tank design is maintaining the tank’s integrity while still allowing for the tank to be fully discharged, cleaned, and properly maintained.

Traditional tank maintenance can be a challenge with many chemicals — so Poly Processing Company has developed a unique full discharge system that helps minimize the hazards associated with traditional vertical tank maintenance.

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Use a Desiccant Dryer System to Keep Moisture Out of Your Tank

Bulk stored chemicals can become contaminated from two major sources: debris and moisture. As the product is emptied from the chemical storage tank, dirty air and moisture can be drawn into the tank. Temperature fluctuations can also cause the tank to expand and contract, so that it “breathes” contaminants in and out.

Maintaining chemical purity is essential in many industrial chemical applications, such as computer chip manufacturing, food processing, clean in place, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Contaminated chemicals can become less effective, and more hazardous to your storage equipment. 

To prevent contamination, Poly Processing often recommends installing special accessories. Tank vent dryers and desiccant filters may be your best choice for keeping moisture out of the chemical storage tank.

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Spending Less on a Chemical Storage Tank Could Cost You

You may spend a little more on a Poly Processing cross-linked polyethylene tank, but it could possibly cost much you more to own other tanks. Here’s why.

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What's the Best Tank Mixing System for Your Chemical Tank?

Many industrial chemical applications use mixers to create products, keep chemicals in suspension, for wastewater treatment purposes, or to dilute the chemical. Polyethylene tanks are well-equipped to handle that type of process, as most chemicals can be safely combined. In this article, we’ll discuss three basic types of mixing systems that our tanks use.

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Poly Processing Offers an EPDM Expansion Joint to Help Prevent Chemical Leaks

One of the biggest advantages of polyethylene chemical storage tanks is their flexibility. Polyethylene tanks expand and contract with hydrostatic pressure changes during loading and unloading and during changing weather conditions. While a rigid tank is more susceptible to cracking and damage over time, a flexible tank is resilient.

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Make Sure Your SAFE-Tank® Installation Sets You Up for Long Term Success

The day you receive your SAFE-Tank chemical storage system is the most critical day in the life of your tank. Safe and proper installation isn’t difficult, but you have to pay attention. An improper installation can mean expensive or time-consuming problems down the road.

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Markets Poly Processing Serves – Part 5

Poly Processing tanks are used worldwide for water and wastewater treatment applications. We provide solutions to a wide variety of businesses and organizations that use tanks to store chemicals and other materials for water treatment.

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Crosslinked Polyethylene Storage Solutions For Your Industry - Part 4

Chemical storage tanks aren’t just for wastewater treatment plants. Poly Processing tanks are found in dozens of industries nationwide, from agriculture to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and beyond. We work with almost any business that uses chemicals to design and manufacture the right storage tank system for each specific application.

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