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What's the Difference Between NSF and FDA Approval for Chemical Tanks?

It’s easy to get confused between NSF certification, FDA approval, and FDA requirements. Which terms do you need to be familiar with, and what should you expect from your chemical storage tank? These are good questions, and it’s important to understand the differences between NSF and FDA as you prepare to purchase a storage system.

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Topics: Certifications and Standards

PolyBase: A High Performance Tank Pad System for IMFO® Tanks

Poly Processing’s stronger-than-ever chemical tank pad, PolyBase, is engineered to handle more pressure and larger tanks. We have two types of PolyBase available: rotationally molded PolyBase systems for our IMFO® Tanks, and an innovative structural Polyurethane foam-based IMFO PolyBase option.

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Topics: Fittings and Accessories

Safely Storing Bulk Food Dyes in Poly Processing Tanks

The food and beverage industry has a long history of relying on stainless steel storage tanks due to the belief that the resins in a polyethylene storage tank allow leaching and bacterial growth with food dyes and other food products.

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Your Double-Wall Tank Might Be Incomplete Without Double-Wall Piping

A double-wall pipe is an important safety tool when storing liquids, whether it’s chemicals, wastewater, or even liquids used in the food and beverage industry. The vast majority of double-walled piping applications are for wastewater chemicals, contaminated groundwater, and chemical process safety.

Double-wall piping systems are used in a variety of ways to protect against leaks. When paired with a SAFE-Tank® system, it makes your storage solution even more secure.

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How To Extend Your Poly Processing Tank's Life

When companies are purchasing a chemical storage tank, they often ask, “How long will the tank last?” We wish we could answer that question, but it’s a lot like asking, how long are you going to live? Just as a top athlete can die young from an injury and a lifelong smoker can live into their 90’s, there’s no way to predict exactly how long a specific chemical tank will last.

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Poly Processing Company's 5-7 Week Tank Shipping Process

Poly Processing Company manufactures high-density crosslinked polyethylene storage tanks for a wide variety of applications; but manufacturing is just one step in the overall process. A chemical storage tank is an investment, and it’s important to protect any investment. That’s why we take special care and precaution with your chemical storage tank, especially after it is rotationally molded and is ready to be shipped to your plant. 

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Topics: Installation and Service

How Do You Know If Your Chemical Storage Tank Is Compatible?

When you’re storing hazardous fluids such as corrosive acids, bases, or aggressively oxidizing chemicals, you need to be confident that your chemical storage tank can meet your expectations for years. You can’t afford to invest in a tank system, only to discover a year later that your tank isn’t compatible with the chemicals you’re using. That’s a loss of product, time, and money—and it could put your people, equipment, and environment at risk, as well.

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Polyethylene Tanks Used For Fire Protection

Safe water storage is important for both residential and commercial uses. In residential applications, homeowners capture rainwater for watering lawns and gardens. Water storage is necessary in a wide variety of commercial processes, including farming irrigation, livestock care, and cleaning.

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Poly Processing Innovation Series: The IMFO® Is a Better Full Discharge System

This is the fourth article in Poly Processing’s Innovation Series, where you’ll discover the many innovations that we have introduced to the chemical storage industry.

One of the biggest challenges in vertical tank design is maintaining the tank’s integrity while still allowing for the tank to be fully discharged, cleaned, and properly maintained.

Traditional tank maintenance can be a challenge with many chemicals — so Poly Processing Company has developed a unique full discharge system that helps minimize the hazards associated with traditional vertical tank maintenance.

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The Right Chemical Tank for Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, is one of the most commonly used chemicals across all industries. But that doesn’t mean you should use a common chemical storage system to contain this aggressive oxidizer. Whether you’re using a bleach concentration of 0.8%, 6%, or 12.5%, sodium hypochlorite will attack your storage tanks more aggressively than most other solutions. Without the proper storage tank system, you could be looking at a tank failure in less time than you expect.


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