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Safely Storing and Handling Peracetic Acid

Peracetic acid is a bactericide and fungicide that is used in the food industry and wastewater management. It’s a potent chemical that must be treated with care and stored properly. Improper handling could be costly and result in personal injury.

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Backup Chemical Tanks When You Can't Run Out!

Throughout the country, and even in the global market, the demand for chemicals has led to shortages of many raw materials. At Poly Processing, we’re seeing this occurring in several industries and geographical areas.

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The Right Chemical Tank for Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, is one of the most commonly used chemicals across all industries. But that doesn’t mean you should use a common chemical storage system to contain this aggressive oxidizer. Whether you’re using a bleach concentration of 0.8%, 6%, or 12.5%, sodium hypochlorite will attack your storage tanks more aggressively than most other solutions. Without the proper storage tank system, you could be looking at a tank failure in less time than you expect.


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Poly Processing Offers an EPDM Expansion Joint to Help Prevent Chemical Leaks

One of the biggest advantages of polyethylene chemical storage tanks is their flexibility. Polyethylene tanks expand and contract with hydrostatic pressure changes during loading and unloading and during changing weather conditions. While a rigid tank is more susceptible to cracking and damage over time, a flexible tank is resilient.

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Make Sure Your SAFE-Tank® Installation Sets You Up for Long Term Success

The day you receive your SAFE-Tank chemical storage system is the most critical day in the life of your tank. Safe and proper installation isn’t difficult, but you have to pay attention. An improper installation can mean expensive or time-consuming problems down the road.

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What Is the Best Chemical Storage Tank for Power Plants?

Power plants rely on several important chemicals to generate energy and operate at peak efficiency. The most sensitive application areas are cooling and boiler water treatment, since a failure in either of these areas directly impacts the facility’s operations. 

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Markets Poly Processing Serves – Part 5

Poly Processing tanks are used worldwide for water and wastewater treatment applications. We provide solutions to a wide variety of businesses and organizations that use tanks to store chemicals and other materials for water treatment.

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Crosslinked Polyethylene Storage Solutions For Your Industry - Part 4

Chemical storage tanks aren’t just for wastewater treatment plants. Poly Processing tanks are found in dozens of industries nationwide, from agriculture to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and beyond. We work with almost any business that uses chemicals to design and manufacture the right storage tank system for each specific application.

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How to Unload a Chemical Storage Tank Without Causing Damage

We’re obsessive about designing the proper tank for your particular chemical storage needs. But the right tank for the right job doesn’t matter if it isn’t offloaded and installed properly.

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Oil and Gas Chemicals — Do You Have the Proper Tank System?

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest revenue sectors in the world, generating over $3 trillion each year. The United States is one of the top producers of oil, making it a critical industry to the country’s economy. Oilfields depend upon chemical solutions to ensure they continue steady oil production — especially as the oilfields age.

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