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Can I Use Handrails with a Polyethylene Tank?

Various types of chemical storage systems have handrails along the top of the tank, but Poly Processing tanks don’t. Polyethylene tanks can’t support handrails, and the tanks shouldn’t be walked on. The domed surface can be very slippery, and the plastic can become brittle over time and possibly crack under a person’s weight. So how do you safely inspect manways, check gauges, and service level sensors or mixers?

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What Should You Do If Your Storage Tank Fittings Are Leaking?

A leaky fitting is a serious issue that could put your employees in danger and cause damage to surrounding equipment. Leaked chemicals are a financial loss, and they can create serious environmental issues that plague your company for decades. 

Our field service team will occasionally receive calls from concerned customers who need help fixing a leaking fitting on their chemical storage tank. It's not an issue that comes up often so many people are not sure what caused the issue or what to do next. 

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Vent Your Chemical Storage Tank With the PolyScrub Fume Scrubber

If you're storing chemicals that emit fumes such as hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide, you need to have a proper venting system in place. We've developed The PolyScrub™ fume scrubber to help you ensure the safety of your employees, equipment, and the environment. 

Check out the video below to learn more.

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Carbon Black: The Best Polyethylene Storage Tank Color Choice?

Black Polyethylene Storage Tanks
A wide variety of colors are available for polyethylene storage tanks. Cosmetics to match the surrounding buildings and landscape, customer preferences, and the application or the chemicals being stored are factors determining tank color selection. However, one color which is almost always selected for higher end storage solutions, such as storing harsh, aggressive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, is black.

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5 Ways Our B.O.S.S. Fitting Reduces Human Error

If you’re installing a sidewall fitting on a chemical storage tank, you’re actually creating new opportunities for leaks and chemical attack. Every hole drilled into a tank’s wall can become a weak point in your tank. You can prevent a breach in your tank’s system by carefully selecting your fittings.

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A Strategic Alternative to the Cone-Bottom Tank - The IMFO Fitting

Cone-bottom tanks have an active drain feature at the bottom of the tank, making it possible to completely empty a tank—especially one that contains sludge or other difficult-to-drain contents. But cone-bottom tanks come with a price tag, and there’s another option that can meet the same need for less cost.

Poly Processing’s Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet® (IMFO®) tank is a vertical storage tank that can give you a full drain at less cost than a cone-bottom tank system. IMFO tanks provide other advantages, as well.

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[Video] What Types of Fittings Are Safe for Chemical Tank Domes?

Selecting the proper tank fitting—and location for the fitting—is an important matter. You need the right fitting for your application, and it’s not always easy to understand which one is the best choice for your needs.

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Storage Tank Seismic Restraints - We Can Help

Note: Poly Processing's seismic clip names have changed from L designation to A designation. The clip thicknesses have changed as well. Please feel free to contact customer support for any clarification you might need. 

One natural event that could potentially lead to catastrophic risk, resulting in a complete failure of a chemical storage tank system, is an earthquake. Earthquakes can happen in areas not considered earthquake zones, such as the August, 2011 5.8 magnitude tremor that rocked Virginia. 

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Mitigating the Risk of Chemical Fumes

Safely storing chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide that emit chemical fumes requires special considerations. You must implement special methods of venting in order to reduce the harmful vapors and pressure that could endanger your employees, your equipment, or the environment. To protect these three things, Poly Processing developed a fume scrubber for potentially harmful chemical storage applications. 

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Advantages and Uses of Powder Coating for Chemical Storage Systems

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that uses powder to create a high-quality finish on surfaces. The coating is applied with a combination of electrostatic charge and heat curing process. Powder coatings are available in thousands of colors, and are as versatile as liquid paint, while offering some advantages over the traditional painting process.

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